I was out and about with my oldest daughter this weekend to do a little shopping, well actually she wanted to return a few things in exchange for some skinny jeans, tops and whatever else looked like a good find. As we wandered around the mall, we ventured into Zara, and I have to say, they are having an incredible sale. Oh my, we saw so many cute items. I picked a few different things from coats, to dresses, to handbags, to kids (I was a little selective here since I have the most adorable grandson, and, of course, had him in mind). Anywhoooooo, enjoy!!

Zara Women's Jackets

1., 2., 3., 4., here.

Zara Black Dress

1 and 2, here and here.

Zara Handbags

All via Zara.

Zara Kids Shoes

Zara Little Boys

Too much cuteness and such great savings.

More Sales to Check Out ~~



Sadly, they are closing all of their stores (according to BuzzFeed). The article, which you can read here, says “that they are closing most of their stores”, but, then I read another article that came out after the BuzzFeed article, that said all stores were going to be shuttered. Always sad to see another retailer decide to close its doors, but on the positive side of things, it just means you can find some great bargains. I love their monogrammed items, the slipper shoes, the graphic ceramic pieces, the jewelry….oh stop, there is so much I love, so check it all out! 🙂

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  1. I love a great jacket and the second one is so fun. But with a three year old grandson, I’m most interested in the last grouping…can’t wait to click to see more!! Happy Monday, Vickie ~

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