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I realize I have been away from the blog for several weeks now, and I have to say, I just haven’t had much time to sit down and share, until, now. August is a notoriously busy month for me and my family. There have been birthdays and anniversaries…. a little design project for a dear family relative…. and, a bit of Wanderlust. August is also the month for the annual Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance. While hubby and I don’t attend this event every year that it is held, we have enjoyed the show on several occasions. This annual event is always held on the 3rd week of August, which just so happens to somewhat coincide with hubby’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. Each year, reservations are always a challenge, but we got lucky this time. Through hubby’s BMW owner’s club, we were able to snag a reservation, albeit in Pacific Grove, which was just fine.  And so here it is, a few pictures from our recent Road Trip Adventure……. a drive up the Coast.

PicMonkey Collage-RoadTrip2015

We started out our drive up the coast, to San Simeon, where we spent the night. The next morning, our journey up the coast continued with a quick stop to check out the Elephant Seals basking in the sun. My goodness, they are BIG and, well, just a little STINKY. Needless to say, we didn’t linger too long. Back in the car, we headed to Big Sur with a stop to visit the Julia Phiffer Burns State Park (the bottom two photos). Amazing scenery, for sure, it just never gets old.

PicMonkey Collage-Carmel 2015

From Big Sur, we continued on into Carmel. Historically, the first day of this annual event, begins with the Concourse d’ Elegance entrants driving their vintage cars from Carmel out to Big Sur and back again to Carmel, where they then line up along Ocean Drive in Carmel . These pictures are just a few of the many, many cars that I captured with my iPhone. So much eye candy, the beautiful Lalique hood ornament, a gorgeous blue Duessenberg, a Porsche from Switzerland with the orange wing placed in a rather unusual place (sun protection?), to Alfa Romeo’s and the beautiful teal, red and silver classic vintage automobile. Iconic designs, preserved for generations and appreciated by many.

PicMonkey Collage-Concourse August 2015

We began the following day with a drive along 17-Mile Drive. This is a drive we never miss and an absolute MUST when visiting Pebble Beach. The pristine scenery of coastline, Monterey Cypress and stunning architecture, is absolutely breath taking. Everywhere we stopped along the way, such as the Lone Cypress, seen above, was mesmerizing and there was always lots of whale activity, bringing lots of OOOOHS and AWES! Our drive brought us to the iconic Lodge at Pebble Beach. Side note: Hubby’s grandfather was a champion golfer and won the tournament twice, once in 1911 and again in 1915. Of course, back then, it wasn’t known as the Lodge at Pebble Beach, but, nevertheless, a trophy placard is prominently on display in one of the Lodge’s restaurants, where all sorts of golf memorabilia is displayed. Hubby is very, very proud….. to say the least. Not too many have won the tournament twice. Since, we were part of the BMW Club, we visited the Villa that they had rented for the event….. again, very, very special. Need I say that there is a never ending display of opulence….. Anywhooooo, what a fun day, especially for hubby. BMW had all sorts of cars available for test driving and hubby jumped at the chance to drive the BMW i-8. No room for me to go along though, it’s pretty much a 2-seater and BMW required one of their representatives ride along. 🙁 Oh well, I had fun, nevertheless, wandering around the Villa taking in the interiors and snapping a little picture through the ornamental wrought iron. After our fun day, we headed back to our hotel, enjoyed a glass of wine and a few hors d’ oeurves. Dinner that evening, was divine, enjoyed at Roy’s at the Inn at Spanish Bay. Delicious…….

The weekend was divine, but at last, it was time to make our way back home….. Road Trip 2015, our journey has come to a close….. this Wanderlust Journey is always one filled with many fond memories. Thanks for letting me share and coming along for the ride.

All The Best, Happy Wednesday,



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