When I saw this home in the recent issue of House Beautiful, my first impression was WOW, which was then followed by a huge smile. To learn more about how designer Gary McBournie and Bill Richards arrived at the happy color scheme of saturated blues, oranges and yellows for this 1940s ranch house in Nantucket, be sure to read all about it here.

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San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Designed for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, this showstopping project was inspired by a fictional muse described by Wilkinson as a “young, jet-setting woman with a passion for fashion.” I can remember during my design school days, which weren’t all that long ago, where we had to “create” our design client. And, of course, they were our quintessential client. The very best client one could have, because, of course, they were fictional. So,with this fictional client in mind, the walls were painted a teal blue. For drama, orange accents were added including draperies in a coral toile fabric ( a chinoiserie – inspired toile). The focal point of the room was a delicate tree mural painted by a renowned artist. I remember seeing the image of the bedroom with the hand-painted mural behind the bed. I loved it and saved it to one of my early Pinterest Boards.

KWD-Showcase-Pop-002 (1)

KWD-Showcase-Pop-003 (1)



Loving the mural behind the bed and the floral display on top  of the vanity is awesome.

Color Story ~ Get the Look


What do you say?



Nothing wakes us up in the morning quite like this burst of citrus. Use the color orange to brighten up a space, to set the tone, or to make a statement. Orange is a modern and playful burst of color and this pumpkin hue can do it all.


Here the dining room walls have been covered in a Phillip Jeffries grass cloth, LOVE — Over the table, which is surrounded by a sextet of orange chairs, hangs a Corbett Lighting fixture made from metal and Japanese paper. The oil painting is by Craig Mooney. And let’s not overlook the drapes where a bold orange stripe has been used.


Designer James Lumsden gets eclectic and graphic with both pattern and color in the gentleman’s atelier, which he imagined for a young architect.


To enliven this previously drab kitchen, the cabinets were stained a dark, black-brown. A center island was added and the walls were lined with custom orange tiles. Old Formica countertops were replaced with cobalt blue lapis lazuli.


Mid-century cool is reflected in the contemporary armchairs by Palecek flanking the fireplace.


A pair of  Kofod-Larsen chairs from Flessas Design in New York tuck under an antique partners desk in the office. Vintage geometric burl wood side tables from Mecox Gardens harmonize with a modern carpet from The Rug Company.


Designer Darcy Bonner took a modern approach to classic styles which included two Frank Rockefeller chairs upholstered with Bergamo silk-velvet.


Here designer Darcy Bonner took inspiration from French architect and designer, Pierre Chareau in fashioning a bronze and lacewood desk for the office. The rug is from Shahbaz Afridi in London.


Kitchen designer Trish Houck specified the cerused-oak island, walnut-stained cabinetry and Calacatta Gold marble countertops and backsplash. Jenkins then added Gordon International’s Kreature swivel stools. Another pop of orange shows up on the tray that’s being used to display bright, citrus yellow vases.


An English mahogany desk with embossed leather, circa 1840, is paired with a George Smith captain’s chair covered in cut velvet by Clarence House. Guest chairs from De Sousa Hughes are wrapped in waxed leather.


In this space, designer Jay Jeffers created a layered look in the living room with existing draperies customized with a persimmon-colored band detail. That color pops up again in the lamps behind the sofa and in the chandelier over the dining table which is cast bronze with laminated black linen shades by Tuell Reynolds.


The formal dining room enjoys an Italian flavor with chairs by Edward Ferrell Lewis Mittman dressed in Donghia’s Sous-Tache brocade and Bergamo’s silk-velvet. A Holly Hunt table sits on a reclaimed-wood floor which has been set in a herringbone pattern.


Bold orange Venetian plaster walls define the study. Roman shades made with fabric from Claremont play off the bright hue as does the Casamance textile covering two tufted chairs.


Bold red-orange prevails here in the dining room. Custom tufted chairs are covered in a Lee Jofa twill and Donghia’s floral motif backs the head chairs.


Love this meditative space — orange and deeply saturated peacock blue — a vibrant combination.


Arcs and angles merge in a mid-century office, clover-shaped tables, and iconic Alvar Aalto chair and a Paul McCobb winged chair.


Here the cool and calming shades of peach and coral have been utilized in a Master Bedroom. Phillip Jeffries wallcovering and Quadrille draperies.


Ocean Master Max umbrellas by Tucci.





Monday Musings

Happy Monday!! Hope all the fathers had a wonderful day. Our day started off with a visit to one of our favorite spots in Dana Point Harbor, The Coffee Importer and Deli. We love to take our Vizsla with us too. We start off with the California Bagel which we like on their combo bagel. The California bagel is toasted and layered with cream cheese that is then topped with sliced tomato, avocado and thinly sliced red onions which is then sprinkled with lemon pepper…….. soooo yummy. Of course, it is all accompanied with a cup of hot coffee. We find ourselves a table…..they are not always easy to come by… is a very popular destination. It is also a great spot to bring your dog because all the tables are outside so they can hang out with you while you eat and then go for a nice walk around the harbor. Later, in the afternoon, everyone headed down to the beach for some sand time and body surfing. Actually, the only one who braved the water, as it is still a bit chilly, in my opinion, was my hubby. Hubby’s day ended with a fantastic Mexican dinner at Carmelita’s in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach. Fabulous, authentic Mexican food and voted #1 in South Orange County. It lived up to its reputation. Soooooo, all in all, I’d say hubby had a fabulous Father’s Day…….Happy, Happy…….

I have been seeing a lot of orange, in fact, I have another post coming up about decorating with this color. In the meantime, I leave you with my moodboard for Monday as a precursor to that post.

Turquoise Orange


Have a Wonderful Day

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