We’ve been skunked ~~~



This was not my planned blog post for Wednesday, but there was cause for digression and that would be by these seemingly cute and adorable little critters. Look at those sweet little eyes…..they look so innocent! Butttttt, as humans, we know differently. This little critter packs a powerful weapon beneath its beautifully, plumed tail. You don’t even need to come within close proximity of this little member of the weasel family to know that a skunk is in your neighborhood. They do give off quite a pungent odor.  All that said, my Vizsla doesn’t have the same abilities that we, as humans have, to read all the warning signs, which basically are to STAY AWAY!!!!

The evening played out innocently enough, I got home from work and settled into preparing our dinner. With the evenings being so balmy, we have been enjoying dining al fresco. As we enjoyed our dinner, all of a sudden our Vizsla came bolting through the yard towards our wrought iron fencing that outlines the perimeter of our property. Both my husband and I were completely unaware that a skunk was lurking on the other side, but we certainly knew that he had spotted something. The Vizsla breed is a hunting breed, also known as a Hungarian Pointer. They are basically bird dogs, but the hunter instinct is strong and so they don’t discern between birds and skunks. As a predator, their killer instinct kicks in. And, sadly, that is where our “Duke” got the bad end of the deal. As he charged towards the fence, with every intention of taking out this intruder, little Pepé L’ Amour simply raised his tail and let loose his powerful ammunition.


Now, mind you, our “Duke” isn’t the only four-legged animal that we have, we also have a miniature dachshund and this little guy is about as tough as they get, I mean this is a breed that was specifically bred to hunt badgers!!! So, naturally, he followed his nemesis to the fence to “protect” our hallowed domain. Thankfully, though, he was spared the brut force of the deadly aromatic spray. That was the skunk’s gift for our “Duke”. Well, we are certainly no amateurs to this little bit of drama. As the owners of dogs for many years, we have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with this terrible delemma……imagine a Dalmation bathed in tomato paste, because we had always heard that tomato juice was a good remedy for removing the odor, and, not having any tomato juice on hand, we grabbed the tomato paste, ignorantly thinking that tomato paste should do the trick. After all, it’s just concentrated tomato juice. Well that was a failed remedy.

So, we fast forward to today, and here we are dealing with being SKUNKED, again…….UGH!!! But, it isn’t tomato paste or tomato juice that we use for a remedy or even the over-the-counter, Nature’s Miracle Skunk Solution. The absolute, tried and true, sure-fire remedy that I have found is a homemade recipe that truly works.  The Basic Recipe is:

  • 1 quart hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1-2 teaspoons liquid soap (preferably Dawn Liquid Soap)

To learn more about this homemade recipe and the application process, please read more here.

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Our beautiful Vizsla, “Duke”. So Happy to be De-Odorized.


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