Ordinarily, I enjoy making color decisions, however, this time around, I am having such a difficult time. I am currently in the process of re-doing our Master Bedroom and while the preliminary design decisions have been made and the fabrics selected, I am down to making a decision on paint. I am taking the color palette and “feel” for our bedroom in a completely different direction. I have wanted to go much lighter for sometime now as my design aesthetic has changed for the space. I have been loving all the neutral, creamy whites and soft grays. These shades just seem to work so nicely for a serene yet elegant bedroom and this leaves me with the dilemma…….which one do I pick. As we all know, there are many, and I mean MANY shades of white and, honestly, it’s just WHITE, RIGHT??  All that said, I’ve started to (sort of)  narrow it down. Next up, I’ll do what I always tell clients to do and that is…….

Get Some Samples

And Look At Them During Different Times of the Day


MBDRM Paint Colors Grp 1




MBDRM Fabrics

MBDRM Paints Grp 2





  1. Saving these samples, because I always have the hardest time with finding the perfect white – love the combination of fabrics!

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