A Chic Office Concept ~~

Hello to All! Hope everyone’s weekend was a fabulous one, doing the things you enjoy, whether it was entertaining with friends, gardening, organizing an overlooked space, working on a DIY project, shopping, relaxing with a good book, or simply, just doing nothing because you didn’t want to. We all need to have some down time. Too often, we feel the need to cram “something” into every minute of the day. I know I am guilty of this, probably because I have a full-time design job and there are soooooo many”projects” and “things” I want to do or need to do, that I end up feeling guilty if I just do nothing. It’s always a juggle….such is life…..

Soooooo…….here’s a moodboard creation for an office space that evokes a sense of sophistication and a certain bit of “chic-ness”. I designed this “moodboard” for a professional, creative woman who isn’t afraid of color and wants to be surrounded with classical elegance that is modern, functional and, well, tres chic!




Does This Space Inspire?

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