It’s 2014, and it seems like each New Year comes and goes faster than the previous year. Here we are at the month of May…….already!  Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, which, as I learned from our friends in Mexico, is really an “American” holiday. I think we are always looking for an “excuse” to celebrate “something”  with our family and friends. Anyhow, as celebrations go, a very, very important event is coming upon us…..and, of course, that day would be MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

Sadly, my husband won’t be here for this “saintly” celebration….. he’s at some business conference (and was absent last year as well, I might point out). How inconsiderate of this company to plan an event on MOTHER’S DAY weekend. I mean, that’s so completely insensitive………………..But, it is what it is, c’st la vie. I don’t hold any grudges. I am still with my “children” and it is a cherished day, because, really, it is more about my oldest daughter and her year old little boy, my adorable grandson. She is a “new” momma, with many cherished years to come. So, I am happy to share this celebration of motherhood with her. It is a beautiful thing.

As it turns out, my daughter’s husband will also be “unavailable” that weekend. Soooooo……..I said, “no worries”, I have plans for us…….Reservations have been made…..Daughter and grandson, 17 year old daughter, Melissa, 23 year old son, Neal and ma-whaa!!! Whu who……Fig & Olive, Newport Beach, is where we will be!!! Have heard such wonderful reviews of this restaurant and I have been wanting to try it for some time now! Sooooo, here it is ………. the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day Brunch!!

I will definitely share my experiences at Fig & Olive. But, in the meantime, I leave you with some “Mother’s Day” gifting inspirations!!


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Happy, Happy Mother’s Day

Enjoy the Inspiration



  1. I am loving your Mother’s Day inspiration, especially love the jacket, and can’t wait to hear about Fig and Olive. Enjoy celebrating with your children!

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