fo_gallery_1_mpoutside (1)On my “Mother’s Day Inspiration” post, I shared that I would be enjoying this very special day at the eponymous FIG & OLIVE restaurant in Newport Beach. It was a fabulous day and I couldn’t have been happier to be with family. It was another picture perfect day in So. Cal. Warm and breezy……well it was more like gusting. I think it’s our infamous Santa Ana winds kicking in as we are headed into the high 90s this upcoming week. Uggggggh!!! We’ve had our fair share of  HOT days lately. I, personally, prefer to ease into summer weather.

Anyhow, things were bustling at FIG & OLIVE, which was to be expected. Across the way, at Rick Bayless’ new restaurant, Red O, an equal amount of activity was taking place. We were pleasantly greeted and after a very brief wait, we were taken to our table. Our waiter, Kevin, was courteous and attentive. My son and I decided on the special Prix Fix Mother’s Day Brunch Menu and my daughters ordered a la carte, from the main menu. The food was so delicious……everything. Although it took  F O R E V E R!!  Literally! That being said, I will have to give  them the benefit of the doubt, because, well, it is, after all, MOTHER’S DAY!  Thank goodness for the bread basket, which we had to order because, did I mention, everything is A La Carte!! Not that I needed to have a bread basket… was more for my little 13 month old grandson, who by the way, was a real trooper for hanging in there for as long as we had to. Not an easy thing for the little people.

The Chef

Executive Chef, Pascal Lorange, creates his menu around care ~~ fully selected farmers and ingredients for their genuine taste and seasonality.

The Design


The setting at FIG & OLIVE, Newport Beach is not exactly as depicted by the images shown here, but it does still  have the same feeling. Light woods are used throughout. The walls are chalky white and dressed with crisp white, gauzy sheers all hung from black wrought iron hardware. This being Southern California, where dining al fresco is de rigeur, an outdoor dining area was situated off to side of the entrance to the restaurant. A large, central, open bar area could be seen from the area of the restaurant where we were seated and featured a low planter wall filled with potted rosemary which was then layered with tall Pussy Willow branches….very pretty. Interior walls included glassed in niches for bottles of Veuve Clicquot as well as a variety of olive oils. Of course, the larger dining area was very open and included their iconic potted olive trees… was all very lovely!!




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