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Happy Monday to everyone. I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. We started our 4th with our ritual visit to the Dana Point Harbor for bagels. Of course, our beautiful Vizsla, Duke, accompanied us. Enjoyed a lovely walk around the harbor and enjoyed seeing how many of the boat owners had decorated and set up “party” tables for the long days’ celebration. And, it is a long day of activities. As we made our way around the harbor, many of the activities were already well under way. One of the July 4th “rituals” is the “water fight”.  Dinghies, kayaks, SUPs, and outriggers galore, power up with all kinds of buckets and water guns and the “water fights” get under way as all the reveleries celebrate and enjoy  being doused. Knowing how crazy it can be in the harbor during the 4th, we know to escape its fury and frenzy sooner, rather than later……so we relaxed at the pool at the Monarch Beach Tennis Club, came home and grilled some steaks, followed by a little peak-a-boo view of fireworks from our backyard. Usually we have foggy skies and don’t get very crisp, clear fireworks…..but, this year, the clouds parted and we enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display…….and no traffic to deal with…..Happy, Happy!!!!

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Moody Monday Musings

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  1. Our Fourth was similar as we were in Beaufort in the eye of the storm, but the next morning was spectacular. Your Monday moodboard is gorgeous. The colors are my favorite and the headboard – a favorite!!

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