Monday Musings

Happy Monday!! Hope all the fathers had a wonderful day. Our day started off with a visit to one of our favorite spots in Dana Point Harbor, The Coffee Importer and Deli. We love to take our Vizsla with us too. We start off with the California Bagel which we like on their combo bagel. The California bagel is toasted and layered with cream cheese that is then topped with sliced tomato, avocado and thinly sliced red onions which is then sprinkled with lemon pepper…….. soooo yummy. Of course, it is all accompanied with a cup of hot coffee. We find ourselves a table…..they are not always easy to come by… is a very popular destination. It is also a great spot to bring your dog because all the tables are outside so they can hang out with you while you eat and then go for a nice walk around the harbor. Later, in the afternoon, everyone headed down to the beach for some sand time and body surfing. Actually, the only one who braved the water, as it is still a bit chilly, in my opinion, was my hubby. Hubby’s day ended with a fantastic Mexican dinner at Carmelita’s in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach. Fabulous, authentic Mexican food and voted #1 in South Orange County. It lived up to its reputation. Soooooo, all in all, I’d say hubby had a fabulous Father’s Day…….Happy, Happy…….

I have been seeing a lot of orange, in fact, I have another post coming up about decorating with this color. In the meantime, I leave you with my moodboard for Monday as a precursor to that post.

Turquoise Orange


Have a Wonderful Day

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