My Saturday mornings typically start off with a yummy breakfast, prepared by yours truly or, enjoyed at one of our favorite breakfast spots. And, it is always enjoyed with my favorite Saturday Home and Garden section of the Orange County Register. Recently, The Register caught up with Gold and Williams during their Orange County visit at their South Coast Plaza store. I especially loved their tips on “What Makes A Comfortable Home” and thought it would be fun to share a few of their tips along with a few Mitchell+Gold vignettes of some of their furniture, art, lighting and accessories.

PicMonkey Collage-GoldWilliams

  1. Take lots of pictures of family and friends (they are great to send with a thank-you note or with an email to someone or framed in your home).
  2. Let your pets and kids get up on the furniture. No room should be off limits. Encourage lounging.
  3. Clear the clutter – declutter your rooms and closets and you’ll feel better and more relaxed. I couldn’t agree more!!
  4. Include a variety of seating options in a room so your guests and family will always be comfortable (for example, some people prefer a more upright seat that’s easier to get in and out of; some prefer a lower seat).



5. Chairs should have an occasional table next to them so there’s a place to rest your drink.


6. Put your lights on dimmers – people look better in dim, soft light. YES, YES!!

7. Have the appropriate storage for all your needs

8. Make your bed every morning and teach your children to make their beds. It makes you feel neater. (I have been preaching this FOR LIKE EVER, HELLOOOOO!!!!!)

9. Invest in the little luxuries like good sheets and towels – they will make a daily difference.


10. Furnish your home for comfort first – in the living room, start with the sofa. Measure your space carefully and then go with one that is truly inviting.

11. Think about the purpose of a room before decorating it – that way you’ll have a space that really suits the purpose of where you live.


12. For a sense of calm, limit the colors in a room and use no more than three or four with at least two being accents.

13. Love your imperfections. We’d rather things be relaxed than perfect. That’s why we like our leather furniture with distressing. It gives a piece character and gets better with age.

14. Rotate your accessories. No reason to have to put everything out at once. Keep a closet with all the extras. Don’t over accessorize. Things look best in groups of threes and fives – odd numbers are more interesting.

15. Install blackout curtains so you can sleep in when you want to. 🙂





  1. Wonderful tips and images – They always seem to get it right. I’d like just one of the chandeliers in the last picture…can’t imagine three!! Happy Monday, Vickie!

    • I wouldn’t mind one either. They have such a clean design style that looks elegant while still being liveable. Yes, they do “get it”.

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