The Monogram, by definition is a motif made by overlapping or combining the initials of an individual or a company, or kingdom.¹ The definition alone doesn’t begin to capture the essence of the monogram. This basic form of personal expression has remained a social constant throughout the Western world for nearly 3,000 years. A monogram is a connection. It has linked a ruler to his people, a brand to its customers, a bride to a groom, one generation of a family to another. Monograms connect us to another time and place, to loved ones past and present, and to what we might find essential in our own lives.²  Fast forward to the 21st-century and we have technology to thank for making monogramming affordable and accessible to almost everyone. You no longer need to be an artisan to monogram. While aspirational tendencies still influence people’s desire, today, monogramming is a personal creative expression and often, has little to do with social position or wealth. Adding a personal touch is a much-loved design tool, with monogrammed accessories and furnishings being seen more and more as a stylish design trend.²  LET’S GO SHOPPING………


1. Calf-leather Mon Monogram wallets, organizers, totes and travel accessories by Louis Vuitton.

2. Mrs. Monogram PVC-foam yoga mats. $27 each.

3. Frange Cocktail Napkins ($120) by Julia B.

4. Mark & Graham Copper Tray ($175)

5. Handmade to order decoupage wastepaper baskets. Marye-Kelley.

6. Addison + Grace linens from Leontine Linens.

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