San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Designed for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, this showstopping project was inspired by a fictional muse described by Wilkinson as a “young, jet-setting woman with a passion for fashion.” I can remember during my design school days, which weren’t all that long ago, where we had to “create” our design client. And, of course, they were our quintessential client. The very best client one could have, because, of course, they were fictional. So,with this fictional client in mind, the walls were painted a teal blue. For drama, orange accents were added including draperies in a coral toile fabric ( a chinoiserie – inspired toile). The focal point of the room was a delicate tree mural painted by a renowned artist. I remember seeing the image of the bedroom with the hand-painted mural behind the bed. I loved it and saved it to one of my early Pinterest Boards.

KWD-Showcase-Pop-002 (1)

KWD-Showcase-Pop-003 (1)



Loving the mural behind the bed and the floral display on top  of the vanity is awesome.

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