Hydrangeas ~~~

HYDRANGEA, another flower favorite. They have been cultivated in western gardens since the first American species were brought to England in the 1730s. Hydrangea macrophylla, the common, big-leaf hydrangea has been known by gardeners in its native land of Japan for many hundreds of years and grown in its many forms. There it has been treasured not only for the beauty of flowers and foliage, but also used as an herb, certain serrata forms having long been popular to create a sweet herbal tea. In the West, the large-leaved Hydrangea macrophylla intrigued French plant breeders at the turn of the last century. A few, like Lemoine, Mouillère, and Cayeux began raising new seedlings and charming the public with the beauty of young pot plants in full bloom, with their large, domed heads of pink, blue or white flowers. And, did you know that the potted hydrangea is almost a symbol in France of Mother’s Day???? I did NOT…..always learning something new…..OEU LA LA!!!


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  1. Hydrangeas are one of my very most favorite flowers and love that they are a symbol of Mother’s Day in France. Beautiful quote, Vickie…

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