about me

Hi There! Welcome to Blanche & Kate Design. I’m Vickie. I am an Interior Designer, but I haven’t always been in this profession. Over the years, I have dabbled in various careers from Fashion to Marketing to Law. Mostly, though, I was a stay-at-home mom, raising my now, all grown up three children. They say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Or is it “creation”? Whichever it may be, I have to say this couldn’t be more on point for myself. Through this, grew my love for design. So much that I went back to school to earn a degree in Interior Design.

Through the years, I have enjoyed so many wonderful blogs, which continue to inspire. While I am getting started at this blog thing a bit late, I thought, certainly better late than not at all. What a wonderful, new adventure for me to share my passions……From design, to entertaining, to cooking……My love for animals, art, music, floral arranging, and, just about everything in between. I hope this journey gives you many Visions to Inspire and Designs to Enrich……