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Frantic Fridays

It’s Friday…..Yay!! And, for some, TGIF means it’s almost the weekend, which conjures up all kinds of fun activities from getting together with friends and family, to walks on the beach. That last little activity, of course, only pertains to residents of sunny, Southern California, where winter has simply bypassed us. No polar vortex here….

For me, however, Friday is often a frantic, frenzied day. My full time design job doesn’t allow me the beauty of a weekend with two days together of downtime. Instead, Friday is usually filled with catching up on the necessary chores of life…..laundry, errands, nail appointment or hair appointment, more laundry and trying to work on projects for my yet-to-be-established Etsy shop. I’m on overload and frantic for more time.

With my laundry begging to be sorted, folded, ironed and put away, I leave you with a couple of interior design visions of laundry rooms that I’m dreaming of…..




And more lovely! It would be so wonderful to have a laundry room this spacious, even room for a desk. Takes multi-tasking to a new level. Feeling inspired….. Happy Friday!!



Knock, Knock….Welcome!!

What’s the quickest and easiest makeover you can do? Paint your front door. But, aside from that, your front door could be the accessory that makes or breaks the deal. Just like accessorizing your clothing, the right “look”, whether it is a piece of jewelry, a scarf, or both together…..these little details can take the HOHUM to WOW!!

Here are some images of front doors that definitely leave a lasting impression. I’d say they certainly draw you in…..begging to see what lies beyond. Knock, Knock….Welcome….Hello!!!


Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.


Do these Visions Inspire……???